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The new: SurfinBird IX78 = Router + Firewall + ADSL Modem
The Intertex SurfinBird IX78 is a SIP capable router firewall with a built-in n ADSL2+ modem supporting ADSL speeds up to 24 Mbps downstream and up to 3 Mbps upstream using the new Annex M standard. It can also be used as an Ethernet firewall and then handles bandwidths up to 90 Mbps. The IX78 includes 4 Ethernet built-in ports with the capability of setting up DMZs and VLANs. Several options are available: high speed 802.11 b/g wireless access point, 2 ports for analog telephones or faxes (FXS), SIP gateway to the traditional telephone network (FXO), VPN termination, far-end NAT traversal, and the Intertex IP-PBX SIP Switch. Additionally, the IX78 offers TR-069 provisioning which enables service providers to automatically configure their remotely installed customer base.The IX78 also serves as a Triple Play router enabling all multimedia services to become available to all clients.

The IX78 has a unique and extensive SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) support. The IX78 handles global SIP based IP communication and allows usage of all SIP applications on the LAN and over the Internet. A built-in SIP proxy and registrar dynamically controlling the NAT and firewall, enables SIP communication between the private LAN and the Internet. This allows users behind the IX78 to utilize the full power of SIP based live IP communication, whether offered by service providers or by using the built-in SIP proxy and registrar as a stand-alone SIP server.

Two optional FXS ports allow analogue telephones to be connected and used as IP telephones. The IX78 may also include a gateway between SIP based IP telephony and the traditional telephony network via its FXO port. This gateway is useful for handling emergency “911” calls and for local back up for the IP telephony. In addition, it integrates calls received on the ordinary telephone line with the IP telephony system. Multiple SIP phones and soft PC SIP clients can also be connected to the LAN and become fully integrated with any SIP service.

The IX78 includes:
  • Router/Firewall with 4-5 Ethernet Switch
  • ADSL2+ modem with Annex A/B/M (24 Mbps DS, 3 Mbps US)
  • Or Ethernet WAN
  • Triple play and various routing configuration possibilities
  • 2 FXS ports for analog telephones
  • FXO port: Real SIP/PSTN gateway + Fallback on WAN loss
  • Wireless 802.11b/g as Access Point
  • Unique SIP support, Proxy and Registrar
  • PBX-like functionality
  • Advanced QoS for voice
  • IPSec VPN Server
  • TR-069 and proprietary flexible provision system

Note! For volume deployments - Make your own cost optimized selection!
  (Most are optional modules)

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