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- Why VoIP

There is a variety of different VoIP and IP telephony equipment, technologies and standards on the market. But how can VoIP and IP telephony be used, what are the benefits?

Case #1
A national traveling agency with a number of shops and on-line sales invested in a IP telephony system. The system enablem them do work drastically more effecive. A shop with few customers could - at an instant - be turned into a call-center serving customers nationalwise. Customers are instantly routed to the person with best competence. The IP telephony system enabled the travelling agency to use its staff much more effectively.

Case #2
A company with a single office based in the US have customers spread internationally. By implementing VoIP they now have virtual foreign offices all over the world and can do least cost routing. Their German customers can now call a German telephone no., which is routed over the Internet to the sales department in the US. At the same time employees at the US office can call customers in Japan at local telephone rates in Japan since calls are routed over the Internet. The company has increased its services and precence worldwide and at the same time drastically reduced its telephone bills.

Client cases


So the question is, how can you benefit from VoIP??


Why go IP in the first place?
What is the benefit of VoIP (Voice over IP) and IP telephony? The main reasons companies, organisations and cosumers choose IP telephony instead of traditional telephony are:

Cost effectivity - National companies and organisations can save up to 30-40% of their telephone costs using VoIP. International companies can save drastically more - perhaps up tp 90%.


Functionality - IP telephony is just the beginning. With VoIP you can benefit from Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Precense, Instant File Sharing etc.


Administration / control - With traditional telephony (POTS) it is your operator who controlls what you can and can't do and who charges for even tiny configuration of your system. Imagine that you yourself could have full control at an instant.


Working more effectively - with VoIP you can steer your incoming calls to suit you specific needs and your way of working. At an instant your New York office can become your Call Center for your Swedish subsediary or vice versa.


Why choose SIP and not another technology?
The Intertex Internet Gate is SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) capable. In other words our Internet Gate models support VoIP using the SIP technology. Why is this a goog technology you might wonder?

The opportunities with SIP
SIP is a standard for person-to-person communication which enables you to benefit from IP telephony, instant messaging, presence, video conferencing, instant filesharing and more. Since it is an open standard it is only the imagination which limits the variety of applications that vendors all over the world will provide.

Standard vs. Propreitary technology
There are a number technologies for VoIP and IP telephony. Some brands use a proprietary techniques which prohibits users from mixing and matching products from different manufacturers. SIP is an open world standard. Choosing products based on the SIP standard ensures that you can mix products from different vendors and that you will be part of the VoIP world in the future.

SIP vs. H.323, MGCP and other standards
If you decide to go with a standard rather with a properitary technology, there are still choices to be made. SIP is a newer, much simpler technology than H.323 and is more suited for VoIP and other Internet applications. Therefore we will see a much vider variety of applications based on SIP than on H.323. MGCP is a protocol based on the plain old telephone ideas where the operator have total control. SIP enables end users to have full control.

SIP is the future
More and more companies and organisations choose SIP compliant equipment. Gartner Group estimates that by 2008, 90% of all corporate telephone networks will be IP-enabled and based on SIP protocols.

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