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4 steps to get started with VoIP++
Intertex develops and markets hardware products - SIP capable firewalls. We do not provide any VoIP services. You can combine Intertex products with VoIP services from different providers to get PSTN connectivity.

Get broadband connection

Connect your Intertex Internet Gate

Firewall/router for broadband Ethernet connection
DSL / ADSL modem
Overview of Intertex's Internet Gate models

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Start using VoIP

The Intertex Internet Gate supports VoIP using the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) a world-wide standard for peer-to-peer communication, IP telephony, video conferencing, precence, instant messaging and more.

If your SIP equipment is registered at an operator’s SIP server

No set-up is required!

SIP transparency is pre-selected on the Configuration-Security page:

Connect your SIP phones, soft phones and applications.

If you want to setup your own SIP server

1) In the Configuration-Security page, fill in:

2) Click Save!

3) Get a DNS entry (Static or Dynamic DNS) to make your SIP domain globally accessible.

If you want to control who is using your SIP-server

1) You can easily configure who should authenticate and who should not:

2) Fill in SIP addresses, User ID and Password for each user to be authenticated

3) Connect your SIP phones, soft phones and applications.

Now you can communicate for free with everyone in the open SIP world. Use Voice, Video, Prescence, Instant messaging and all that SIP can be used for!

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Get PSTN connectivity

PSTN connectivity is provided from your operator

No set up is required! PSTN connectivity is provided by your operator.

Get your own PSTN connectivity

1) Get accounts with one or several suitable SIP ITSPs (Check our list of ITSPs).

2 PSTN connnectivity without (A) or with (B) the SIP Switch software addition:

A) Enter the ITSP credentials and SIP server address in your SIP clients.

B) If you want to use several ITSP accounts to do least-cost-routing you should buy our software addition the SIP Switch. Download a Dial Plan free of charge from the Intertex website and use the on-line wizard to fill in the SIP accounts to be used for different countries or areas.

3) Start dialling regular telephone numbers.

How-to configure your SIP clients >
How-to get PSTN connectivity > a step-to-step guide
More info on the SIP Switch >

VoIP ++ Get more than just VoIP!
Intertex's unique SIP support - SIP traffic to the LAN
Many brands claim to support SIP. The most common solution is that manufacturers forward SIP traffic solely to the FXS port (for analogue phone). But what is the use of that if you want to benefit from video conferencing, instant messaging, precence, instant file sharing and many of the other SIP functions?

Intertex has unique SIP support. The Internet Gate does not use any tricks with SIP. We simply forward all SIP traffic to your computers and telephones on the LAN. With this solution you can benefit from all SIP compliant applications, clients and tools. The way it should be!

The Internet Gate has a built in firewall and NAT (Network Address Translation). In general there are two fundamental problems, one with the firewall and one with NAT traversal. The Internet Gate solves both problems - in a secure way and without using any complex tricks.

The firewall: The built in SIP server dynamically controls the Internet Gate firewall - opening and closing ports, accepting and declining SIP traffic. The NAT: SIP needs public IP addresses to be able to setup e.g. a voice conversation. The Intertex Internet Gate has a built in SIP proxy. By using this method you do not need tricks such as STUN, TURN, ICE..

Benefit from the full range of SIP opportunities!
Don't let your firewall/router stop you - buy an Intertex Internet Gate!

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