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Intertex has been developing firewalls for advanced home users and small businesses since 1999. The first generation Intertex firewalls, the awarded Internet Gate IX66, was releaseed 2002. The second generation Internet Gate IX67 with better performance and more functionality is now available.

Is a firewall just a firewall?
The very purpose of a firewall, to stop attacks from the Internet, also stops new applications, such as IP Telephony, from working. Specifically, all protocols or applications initiating access from the Internet to a device on a private LAN are a challenge. SIP is the protocol of the future for such applications and real-time communication is the future for the Internet. The Intertex Internet Gate SIP capable firewalls all include an access router enabling several PCs and other devices to share a single broadband connection and a firewall for privacy and security. The firewall has the unique feature of handling IP telephony and other applications conforming to the SIP standard. Read more about SIP and firewalls.
Firewall Administration
The Intertex Internet Gate is appreciated by both beginners and advanced users. Beginners appreciate the pre-configured security levels, the uniquely easy way to switch between them by a press of a button, and the intuitive web interface with built-in help. Advanced users appreciate the ability to access the internal files of the unit by web and telnet interfaces and make complex configurations, and to even rewrite the firewall rules using a powerful programming language.

Preset Security Profiles

Three security profi les, Hi, Lo and Alternate are pre-confi gured and easily selected by a front panel key.

Click to Configure
You easily mark other applications that should be allowed through the firewall.

Advanced As Well
The advanced user can enter port or IP redirections and even edit the fi rewall rules using a powerful language.

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