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Support IX78

This is the support site for the Intertex Internet Gate IX78 ADSL Modem and firewall. Below you find drivers, upgrades and other useful tools.

We warmly recommend all users wanting to get the most of their Intertex IX66/IX67/IX68/IX78 to also visit the IX Central.


The firmware in the Internet Gate can be upgraded to new versions as Intertex releases them.
New firmware often include bug fixes and new features. Some Internet Gate models require special versions of the firmware:

We recommend that you go to the login page of the Internet Gate web user interface and click "Check for newer" - that link automatically selects the suitable firmware for your model.

There are several ways to get information about the IX78 Internet Gate. The documentation is designed to provide you with easy-to-find information that always is up to date.

The information you need to install and set up the Internet Gate is provided as printed documentation and is shipped along with the product.

Online user manual
Detailed information is presented in the Online User Manual. It gives you information tailored for your specific product version and is always up to date with the latest information regarding your product. The index and full-text search provides excellent search ability.


The FAQ for your specific model is available via the online user manual. Click here and select your model. The FAQ is available under "Troubleshooting".

Lifeboat - Help if you have a Problem

Recovers the IX78 even if flash memory is completely wiped out. Loads the newset available firmware version using the Ethernet interface.

Only use the lifeboat when all other options have been considered, preferably only after a direct recommendation from the Internet Gate support team.

IX78 Lifeboat

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